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Mr. Hoehler tells Martha Berry that Mr. Charles P. Taft has agreed to speak at the Berry Schools next year. Mr. Hoehler suggests to Martha Berry that it would be a good idea to invite Mrs. Taft, as well, because he thinks she could make significant donations to the Berry Schools. Additionally, Mr. Hoehler tells Martha Berry about a new highway from Cincinnati to Chattanooga which will make it easier for Martha Berry to "cultivate" benefactors in Cincinnati. Lastly, Mr. Hoehler asks Martha Berry to ask DeWitt Littleton to write him a proposal for laundry equipment needed which Mr. Hoehler will take up with his friend Taylor Stanley as a potential donor.




Mr. Fred K. Hoehler


Miss Martha Berry


Mr. Fred K. Hoehler, “Letter to Martha Berry from Fred K. Hoehler.” Martha Berry Digital Archive. Eds. Schlitz, Stephanie A., Rachel Renaud, Chelsea Risley, Emilee Sargent, Amanda Mays, et al. Mount Berry: Berry College, 2012. accessed January 31, 2023,

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