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Faculty and Staff

Update February 21, 2023: This project is no longer active. You can still search the uploaded documents. However, crowdsourced editing and editor accounts are no longer supported. There are plans for migrating the information to a new platform in the future.

Dr. Stephanie A. Schlitz
Editor and Project Director
Assoc. Professor, Bloomsburg University

Mr. Garrick Bodine*
Programmer and Technical Consultant
IT Manager, Pennsylvania State University

Ms. Sherre Harrington*
Project Liaison
Director, Memorial Library, Berry College

Dr. Christy Snider*
Coordinator, History Dept. Participation
Chair, Berry College History Department

Mr. Tim Brown*
Public Relations and Outreach
Director, Oak Hill and The Martha Berry Museum

Mr. Tom Hocut*
Technical Liaison
Asst. CIO, Berry College

Mr. Michael O'Malley*
On-site Student Supervisor
Berry College Archivist

Ms. Cheryl Hawkins
On-site Student Supervisor
Memorial Library, Berry College

*denotes Advisory Board Member