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To expose the rich history and culture archived by MBDA, we'll be highlighting select tags with the goal of exposing recurring themes, interesting linguistic artefacts, prominent history, and user-recommended descriptors.

Featured Tag:

Coca-Cola, n. /kokə kolə/

Previous tags:

grippe, n. /grɪp/
  • 'influenza; flu'
  • A borrowing from French gripper, 'to seize.' Although rare in usage today, grippe was a common term for flu in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Tags are keywords and descriptive terms used to identify a document's principal subjects and themes.

Tags are essential to the categorization of similar documents, and they can help us understand the language and perspectives of MBDA editors as well as document authors.

Tags illustrate the many, diverse topics documented in MBDA correspondence.

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