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Clarence Leemon offers Martha Berry help in landscaping her new building.

Mr. Draper lets Martha Berry know he is interested in her work and would love to do some landscape work for her.

Berry writes Cridland upon her return from Europe, where she visited beautiful estates there and in England. She describes Oakhill as 'pathetic' by comparison and declares that should would like to see Cridland soon to discuss changes which must be made to her gardens.


Martha Berry lets Mr. Cridland know what is going through her mind about the garden.


Berry writes to Cridland to let him know she does not like his plans for the Oak HIll garden, as they require demolition of Martha Freeman's house, which Berry says must be preserved because it "adds to the tradition and history of the place."


Robert Cridland lets Martha Berry know his future plans for Martha Freeman's house.


Recognition of offering of free landscaping services to the school at any time.

The letter references a meeting of Mr. Anglin from the nurseries and Mr. Shirley, specifically the understanding that Berry is interested that the services of Ashford Park's landscape architect, one of the best in the south, would be available at no cost to the school.

The President of the Batson-Cook Company advises that landscape architect E.S. Draper wishes to discuss Berry's landscaping needs.

The company is writing to inform Mr. Skinner that a Mr. Cridland suggested that the Berry School may require the company's assistance. He says that the company is capable of moving large trees but it could take the better par of a year. The company would be happy to outfit a crew to Berry at a charge of $60 a day, with exceptions. He also says that the workers would be happy to do any other work on campus while they are there and sends an album with photographs of their work.

Cridland writes that he hopes to spend time with Berry during his winter trip south, and updates Berry on prices for a sundial with an engraved quotation.

Robert B. Cridland writes to inquire about making arrangements to visit Berry.

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