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The company is writing to inform Mr. Skinner that a Mr. Cridland suggested that the Berry School may require the company's assistance. He says that the company is capable of moving large trees but it could take the better par of a year. The company would be happy to outfit a crew to Berry at a charge of $60 a day, with exceptions. He also says that the workers would be happy to do any other work on campus while they are there and sends an album with photographs of their work.




Lewis and Valentine, Co.


Mr. O. C. Skinner


Lewis and Valentine, Co., “Letter to O.C. Skinner from the Lewis and Valentine, Co..” Martha Berry Digital Archive. Eds. Schlitz, Stephanie A., Meg Ratliff, Allison Moore, et al. Mount Berry: Berry College, 2012. accessed September 30, 2022,

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