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Where to Begin

When you Browse Items, you can scroll through documents until you find one you'€™d like to explore further, or you can Browse by Tag (one or more keywords used to describe document-specific subject matter). Browsing is a great way to familiarize yourself with the manuscript and typescript documents in MBDA and to sample the collection.
Looking for something specific? Use Advanced Search to define your search parameters and to return a narrow, targeted result set.
Once you create an MBDA account and log in, you can begin editing documents. Get started by browsing or searching for documents. Then click on an item and select participate to edit its description. See the Editing Guidelines to read more about participating as an MBDA community editor.
Mark Your Progress
Track your edits and favorites by clicking on your editor profile and by viewing the edit history for individual documents. The more documents you edit, the more searchable and accessible the collection will be!
Collections & Exhibits
Some documents have been curated within Collections or Exhibits. These highlight thematically related documents and, in the case of Exhibits, discuss the connections between them. While curators offer a brief introduction to a Collection, Exhibits are designed with teachers and students in mind and therefore explore themes through discussion, questions, and related learning activities.

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