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Letter to Mrs. Thomas E. Hardenbergh from Martha Berry thanking her for her donation to the schools. She then talks about how helping these young people can make for a greater tomorrow for the country as well as prepare them to be good citizens. She then says that she hopes that Mrs. Hardenbergh can inform her friends of the work at the schools in order to make new friends for the work she is doing at the schools. She then informs Mrs. Hardenbergh how worthwhile the work of helping the boys and girls of the rural districts is. Miss Berry also says that she hopes Mrs. Hardenbergh can come and visit the schools if ever in the locality.




Martha Berry


Mrs. Hardenbergh


Martha Berry, “Letter to Mrs. Thomas E. Hardenbergh from Martha Berry.” Martha Berry Digital Archive. Eds. Schlitz, Stephanie A., Haley Fortune , et al. Mount Berry: Berry College, 2012. accessed October 24, 2021,

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