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Martha Berry wishes for the next school term to have half students that can pay their tuition, and half students that have to work for their schooling. The budget is tight, and donors are not coming through as they have in the past.

A letter to Martha Berry asking her to wait until spring semester or the following fall to make the students pay their school fees in cash instead of through work credit.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Higginson for her gift to the school and explains some of the ways in which it might be put to use. She explains that the school is growing and that the rising demands could not be met without donations from friends. She ends the letter by telling Mrs. Higginson what the students are learning and suggesting that if she saw the work being done, she would feel that her gift was worth it.

A letter to Mr. Hart informing him that Berry students do not make pottery and only do a limited amount of work in handcrafts.

A letter to Martha Berry informing her that classes will be now be offered to work students each semester.

Martha Berry answers Loomis's questions about his desire to grant a student a scholarship, explaining that it is better not to have a scholarship go to a particular student. Berry thanks Loomis for the pails of candy he sent for Christmas.

Bethea writes about her two sons who have attended Berry, William and Johnny Bethea. William has had to leave school. He had hoped to become a doctor, but the family cannot afford more schooling for him and so he will go to work at his cousin's sign painting shop. Johnny was dismissed from school for smoking, but Mrs. Bethea hope he can go back. She asks Martha Berry to speak to both boys, as her advice will be so meaningful to them.

Letter to Elma Martin from Martha Berry informing her that they have no fans at their disposal. She informs Mrs. Martin that the girls only devote a few hours of the day to making such things and do not have the ability to undertake such orders to keep up with demand. She does wish her well in finding what she wants elsewhere.

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