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Mr. Cox tells Ms. Berry that he has enclosed a check for $200 to cover a scholarship and repair damages from the severe winter.

A letter of thanks to Mrs Haskell for her gift to Berry, and how much it means at that financially difficult time. She thanks them for the invitation to come visit next winter, and extends an invitation to Berry for the next time they are in the south as well. She concludes with an update of the progress of hard work going on there at Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Mansell for the help he has given the Schools from year to year and then explains that the drought has ruined the crops. The Schools need money to feed and clothe the students and asks for any help Mr. Mansell can give.

A letter from Martha Berry expressing thanks for a gift and inviting Mrs. Morris to visit the school.

In this letter, Samuel Taylor pledges to renew two scholarships he has given to young ladies attending the Berry Schools and expresses his interest in the good work the schools are doing.

Ella S. Stephenson asks Martha Berry to accept a $30 endorsed check to help her work.

Miss Berry expresses her desire to see Miss Wheeler and explains the great need of a gymnasium for the boys during the winter. They already have $5,000 and need to raise another $10,000. Miss Berry hopes Miss Wheeler receives the letter at a time when she can help with the gymnasium.

Elizabeth Green asks Miss Berry the cost of a guest house that was mentioned in the winter edition of the Southern Highlander.

In this letter Martha Berry inquires about the shipping of some dresses and invites Frances Jones to visit Berry if she comes south during the winter.

Mrs. Harney thanks Martha Berry for the letter she sent which answered her questions about the towels. She lets Miss Berry know she would like her to go ahead and begin making the towels, lets her know how many and of what color she would like, and lets her know what nice towels they are.



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