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A letter thanking Mr. Dew for his Christmas gift and expressing Martha Berry's excitement to see him and Mrs. Dew on a visit to the schools in the future.

Martha Berry tells Mrs Campbell how much she anticipates her upcoming visit, talks about her eye operation and new glasses; she writes about seeing Berry again with her new eyes and taking Mrs Campbell on a campus tour

A letter to Mr. Erwin Holt expressing Martha Berry's excitement that him and his wife will still be visiting in April but also disappointment that Mr. Mack won't be able to make it as well.

A letter expressing Mr. Holt's excitement about his impending visit to the Berry Schools and inquiring about the distribution of an order of books he'd made.

Ms. Halligan explains Ms. Berry's accommodation options at Viasana for September.

Martha Berry writes of her appreciation for Mrs Chambers's gift and for her continued support of Berry. She talks about a new frail girl tha she has brought to Berry

Martha asks that Floyd tell her all about the women he's staying with, since they knew her father. She also expresses excitement to hear about his work at a new school.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hammond for the hospitality while she was visiting in New York. Martha Berry also informs Mrs. Hammond that Berry School financial information is available at the National Bureau of Information in New York City.


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