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This is a thank you letter to Mr. Gilroy regarding Mr. Cox's $200 donation from his estate. Martha Berry also invites Mr. Gilroy to visit the Berry Schools whenever he's in the area.

A letter to the Director of Publicity at Berry from Warren Duffee, Cobb County Times News Editor, asking if his party can visit the campus and what accommodations they would be able to use during their visit.

A letter informing Mr. Holt of an invitation Martha Berry's extending to Connie Hack to visit the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry wants to visit with her friends Jennie Gresham and Mrs. Smith. Unfortunately, Martha Berry has not been feeling well, so she can not go to Alabama to meet them. In this letter, she asks Miss Gresham if she will visit the Berry campus.

Letter from Robert C. Alston to Miss Martha Berry in response to a telegram regarding Edsel Ford visiting the schools.

The Berry Schools write to the directors of the Parks Ball Bearing Machine company with an invite to visit the Berry Schools.

Mildred Pratt is writing to ask if she and four other teachers can visit the school on an upcoming Sunday. She requests that Miss Berry informs her if they allow Sunday visits so she may make plans.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. LeVan thanking her for a letter and suggesting that she stop by the Berry Schools on her way to the north.

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