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Miss Berry thanks Dr. Fehtig for the violin he sent her. She says that she will take it to the music teacher to put it to use in the orchestra.

Miss Smith writes to enclose her Sunday School papers and ask what other kinds of papers Miss Berry might be interested in. She includes a description of herself, her Sunday School class and her music lesson pupils. She asks Miss Berry to write soon and tell her new friend all about her Sunday School class.

Berry writes to thank Dr. Fehtig for donating a violin to the school's orchestra. She shares that the school has a 'splendid violin teacher' who can repair old violins. She also shares that she is still 'very much worried over the law suit' and wishes he were closer so that she could have a treatment.

Colby sent a violin and sheet music by express prepaid but didn't receive any confirmation of delivery so Colby wrote to the Schools to ask if they'd received the violin.

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