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A letter explaining to Mr. Campbell how honored he is to have been selected as a Trustee of the Berry Schools, but he can't accept it due to too many responsibilities he already has.

Mr. McKee is writing to inform Miss Berry he will be unable to attend the next Trustee meeting.


A list of good potential Trustees for Berry is compiled.


A large contribution is sent to Berry.

Mr. Carlson writes that he is going to try to interest Ernest P. Dane in the Berry Schools because he would like Mr. Dane to be considered for a trustee from Boston. He also asks that Miss Berry ask Miss Dexter to write a personal invitation for this meeting to get Mr. and Mrs. Dane's attention.


Mr. Alston writes to Martha Berry with a copy of the letter he is sending to the trustees regarding the commencement and May 5th meeting.

Berry writes to ask Stewart to think about giving a donation of $100,000 for a new dormitory in memory of Hamilton Stewart.

Mr. Chambers wires his regrets that he will not be able to attend the trustee meeting because he is "still a cripple but not an invalid".

Martha writes with a thanks and receipt for the gift from Mr. Hassman. She also mentions that she hopes that Mrs. DeLaittre will visit the schools on a trip to the south when the Trustees meet at Commencement time.

Letter to Mr. Robert W. Woodruff from Martha Berry asking him to come to the trustees meeting as well as the school's commencement.

Martha writes to Mr. McKee that in fact that do need him as a Trustee and can add him to the list. She also mentions the children doing the best they can to give towards a new building to replace the one at the Foundation School.

In response to Miss Berry's letter of April 20th, Mr. Campbell informs her that he will try to attend the Berry Schools Trustees meeting on May 4th, but he is not sure he will be able to.

Martha Berry sends the permission Mr. Campbell needs, and lets him know she wishes she could do more, but being a woman limits her.

Chambers writes in response to an apparent request for assistance from Berry, indicating that she has not provided him with adequate detail regarding the amount needed to pay the teachers for the month of November and has not given him "any clue" regarding her future financial needs. He recommends that she assess her finances and plan accordingly, advising that the first step is to contact her fifteen trustees to help make up the school's deficit. Chambers further states that it is not an opportune time for Berry to make a "money raising expedition" to New York "because of the demands that are being made and are about to be made on behalf of work connected with the war." He closes by advising that she should "find out where [she] is at, so as to face the whole situation at the start."

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