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A letter informing Mr. Harbin to send his job application to the superintendent of Ford hospital for a job, not the Fords themselves or Martha Berry.

Berry requests tentative sketches of a library expansion to share with Kate Macy Ladd, who she hopes will fund it. She hopes the Fords will finish the Girls' School buildings.

The Berry Schools write to Mr. Meadows informing him that Martha Berry can not and will not take advantage of her friendship with the Fords by requesting they consider any cases brought to her attention. The Berry Schools suggest that, in the meantime, Mr. Meadows take up the matter with Mr. Ford directly, instead of using Martha Berry as an indirect avenue of discourse.



Berry has just returned from a Garden Club meeting in Virginia, where she saw Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. The Fords did not mention Berry, but have purchased land near Savannah where they may intend to start a school. Martha Berry also wants to make a trip to Warm Springs Georgia to see Governor Roosevelt.

Martha Berry tells Mrs. Hammond that Inez will be unable to go to Chautauqua that summer because she is needed at Berry; Miss Berry will pick another girl to use the scholarship. Martha Berry writes about a recent visit by the Fords, Sir Wilfred, and Lady Grenfell. Sir Wilfred says that he feels like he's in school because he's learned so much. Berry also talks about how she is looking forward to the arrival of the Pilgrims.

Martha thanks Mr. Dell for clippings about the Fords he sent. She relates his with Frances is poorly, and gives new about his baby.


Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Henry Ford because she is anxious to have Mr. Cameron, who she frequently listens to on the radio, come and speak to the students in chapel--hopefully in October.
She goes on to speak of the summer's lingering heat and a recent rainstorm--the first in weeks--that has made her feel that "God has Washed His World." She also wishes to inform Mrs. Ford that her "colored mammy," Martha Freeman, is feeling much better and enjoys listening to all the Ford Programs on her radio.
Overall Martha Berry hopes that Mrs. Ford and her husband will stop to visit on their way down to Savannah, Georgia.

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