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A birthday letter from Evelyn Hoge, also saying how her training at Berry is helping her with her teaching in Summerville.

Martha Berry writes to Tracy Byers asking him to return in September to do some teaching and publicity work for the school. She also discusses the recent commencement.

A letter from a former student praising Berry and the education he received there as well as the joys and rewards of the teaching profession. He especially counts the problem solving skills he learned.

Miss Berry writes to inform Mrs. Webster that there are no vacant teaching positions. However, she is more than happy to add her information to Berry's records in case the needs arrives for a teaching position.

Alice Wingo wishes to inquire more about the Berry School, especially about her possible position and salary. She includes a list of acquaintances and former students who Martha Berry could contact as references.

Martha Berry writes to Miss Wingo in the hopes she will come to teach at Berry. The school can offer her ten to eleven months' work as the high school English teacher but it will not be like what she previously did at a college.

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