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Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Meade for her donation, as Berry is behind in expenses and unable to meet teachers' salaries.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Ford, thanking him for his kindness in saying that he would help The Schools when they were short of money. She says the expenses of keeping the buildings and brick plant going are heavy, and that the drought makes it even more difficult. She says that they do not have enough funding to pay the teacher salaries and that they've had to tell them to wait for their paychecks. She asks Mr. Ford to help The Schools.

Martha Berry reaches out to Mr. Crane and lets him know that she is doing better.

Miss Berry writes to thank her for her promise of a gift in November and says that they are in need of great help because they were unable to meet their teacher's salaries in November. She takls about Mr. Byer's help and that she'll need to try public speaking again.

Letter to Mr. Holt, a previous donor, requesting a donation at the present moment, due to the severe lack of funds. Berry mentions that she has had an attack of bronchitis that kept her from making speaking engagements to raise funds. The school is currently unable to pay teachers salaries.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Bulkley that she is hoping that she can help the school once again. The Berry Schools has always been able to be without debt she says and hopes that the school can maintain that with help from Mrs. Bulkley. She explains that she has promised many boys and girls that they can stay through the summer and she doesn't want them to have to go back to their cabin homes in the mountains.

Berry has been forced to cancel speaking engagements because of bronchitis, resulting in a financial loss for the school. Teachers salaries have not been met. Berry asks for Bryson's help and suggests that he might also facilitate a connection with Mrs. Blackstone to seek her help.

Miss Berry is sick with bronchitis and had to cancel many of her "speaking engagements." Being sick, and canceling meetings has left her at a loss financially. She is worried about whether or not she will be free of debt by the end of the fiscal year. Miss Berry has been unable to compensate the teachers. Miss Berry is hopeful that Mr. Baker will help her in this time of need.

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