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Thanks for Mr. Carlisle sending them a table to be copied, and the promise of its good care until its return. Also their enjoyment of Mr. Carlisle's speech in the chapel on his visit.

Martha Berry writes Mrs. Milton to thank her and inform her the table she donated has been received and will be put to good use. She says the boys will be very glad to copy it.



Martha Berry informs Mrs. Crew that she has received the table and thanks for for handling the matter promptly. She says the table came in good condition and apologizes that it took her so long to acknowledge this.

Miriam D. Crew responds to Miss Berry's letter about a table that was never received at The Berry Schools. They checked with the Southeastern Express Company, who told them that they delivered the packages on February 1st. Miriam D. Crew expresses her desire that The Schools have received the table.

Miriam Crew writes to inform Martha Berry that a table she ordered did not arrive, and that a tracer is being sent to ascertain its location.


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The Berry Schools asks Mrs. Crews about the display table that had not been received from the exhibition in Atlanta.

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