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After ecstatically thanking Miss Hollenback, Miss Berry extensively praises the endeavors and stamina of the students in the fields (especially their ability to withstand so much heat). Miss Berry laments that she is unable to work in her office (due to a debilitating illness and the expense of an elevator to cope) and her failure to raise enough funds to get the students working on a building. However, she has faith in God that things will get better.

Miss Berry is thanking Miss Roberts for a gift, given via Mrs. Hammond, and is detailing the tasks her nearly 400 summer students are performing, in order to save up enough money for Fall tuition.

Martha Berry sends her thanks to Mrs. Duff for her generous donation.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Strawbridge for her donation to the schools during the summer months.

Miss Hendrie receives a letter of thanks for her donation that came during the summer months.

Letter to J.K. Orr from Martha Berry asking for an Atlanta Telephone Directory because they are in great need of one at The Berry Schools. Miss Berry also informs Mrs. Orr that the summer work is going well at the schools and that she hopes that Mrs. Orr will come to visit The Berry Schools whenever is convenient for her.

Martha Berry lets Miss Adams know that she is staying at Berry during the summertime and thanks her for the gift she sent.

Letter from Miss Ella S. Ormsbee to Miss Berry in appreciation for an Easter card, enclosing a $5 donation.

Moyer has read the leaflet "Berry's Summer Work Problem" and wishes to know the cost of funding Idell's schooling for the summer, and perhaps the fall, as well as railroad fare for Eline.

Lillian Beale sends a $150 check to Berry, writing that it should be used for a scholarship as described in the article she enclosed. The article describes the cutting down of the summer work program and tells the stories of several girls who have lost their jobs at Berry. It proposes that ten to fifteen scholarships of $150 each would help these girls continue their work and education.

Berry thanks Richards for her gift, which will help with building a dormitory at the Foundation School.

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