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A letter to Martha Berry expressing Miss Hall's gratitude of her improving health and also informing her that she's returning to work from the summer worry-free as illnesses in her own family are starting to be recovered from.

A letter to Mr. Hamrick from Martha Berry about the estimated upcoming summer labor costs and their comparison to the last summer's costs.


Miss Martha Berry is thanking Miss Murray for the gift send through Mrs. Hammond. She goes on to describe the hardwork done without complaint in the heat of summer, without complaint.

A letter asking for scholarship donations so children can stay at Berry over the summer.

In this letter, Martha Berry is concerned about the amount of boys and girls working during the summer that are relatives of faculty and staff members of the school. She also doesn't want too much unnecessary work placed on Mr. Campbell, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

Martha writes to Clifton to make sure that Mrs. Wright gets butter sent to her every week this summer.

This appears to be a thank you letter to a Mrs. M. W. Page and all of her students for the donation to the Mary F. Cox scholarship. It has been typed on a type writer and is quite faded.

Martha Berry is told she is expecting a check.

A letter to Lulu Houser explaining the need for a duplicate check in order to stop payment on the original one that was sent in April.

Berry tells Hammond that she is grateful for Mrs. Anthony's $150 donation. Pilgrim Hall is progressing and the boys are working at the Foundation School in the hot sunshine "with shirts off and backs and arms brown with sunburn" happy to have their new dormitory.

Martha Berry sends her heartfelt thanks for Mrs Alcott's gift that came at a perfect time because they are having trouble taking care of the summer students, and she writes about the eighty boys and girls recently graduated that are equipped to become useful citizens.

Alice Logan Wingo thanks Martha Berry for writing to Dr. Goldwaithe on her behalf, but she is unsure whether or not she will be able to afford his services. She also advises Martha Berry to close the Girls School the last two months as a way to help with the schools financial problems.

In order to hold down expenses, Berry requests no entertaining or guests at meals at the Girls School for the summer. All entertaining should be done at the Boys School.

Letter to Mr. W. C. Perkins from Martha Berry informing her that she enclosed $30.00 because when she was at Mentone, she noticed a hole in the fence close to the River Cottage. She asks him to fix the fence so no one can get in. She also asks him if he can put steps where the children live in the summer and sends her hopes that they will have a good garden for the children in the summer.

Berry regrets that Miss Armes was not able to visit during the last few days of school, but says that perhaps she might come later. She also writes that she is anxious to get the Pictorial Review Award this year, but that she'll need Neal's help.

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