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Mrs. Rhodes writes to send a donation by the Brooke Hall Alumnae and to request fabric samples for women's suits.

Martha Berry writes that she bought two suits for George and Roger at Sax's store in New York and that Mrs. Johnstone can mail them there if she wishes to exchange them.

Mrs. Stricklaud thanks Miss Berry for sending literature and helpers over to her Club Program. Mrs. Stricklaud also sends Miss Berry a coat suit as a "thank you" gift, telling her to use it as she sees fit. The letter closes with Mrs. Stricklaud wishing that there were more people in this world like Miss Berry so humanity would "need not suffer so."

Mr. Sears sends the schools some old suits. He also says he thinks the schools are doing a lot of good for the students.

In this letter Richard Sears says that he has not heard from Martha Berry regarding the suits neckties and boots that he wants to donate to the school.


Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Meacham for sending twenty-five dollars to the school for one of the boys who received clothing she donated. Martha Berry also expresses interest in having the Meachams establish an endowment to the school in honor of their son.

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