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Clayton Crowe wishes Martha Berry a happy birthday and says that he is having a good time in school.

McLauren, who refers to herself as Berry's "friend and cousin," writes to ask if fourteen year old James Johnson can attend the Berry School. She provides background information about Johnson's difficult life, which she believes could be improved through an education, as well as that of his half-sister Marion Johnson Richards.

Information requested on scholarship for girl student for 9 month term.


Mrs. W.K. Lyon apologizes for not writing after her visit and describes her sons serious sickness which has kept her preoccupied. She also informs Miss Berry that she does not know when he will be able to return to school.


Student Oliver Brooks arranges to pay 10% of his future earnings to the Berry Schools in payment for a fall work credit.

Martha Berry writes this letter to Miss Jessie Ross to tell her to not let anyone from Rome, Georgia into the Sunshine Cottage unless they have written permission or are accompanied by office staff.

Letter to Hugh Rankin from Martha Berry informing him that they have summoned Herbert C. to report to Berry as soon as possible. She also informs him that they will make a place for him. She also informs him that she believes the boy will prove worth of the confidence they are placing in him.

S. J. Moore discusses providing two or three years of financial arrangements for Eugene's education.

Emma Reynolds (E.R.) thanks Martha Berry (M.B.) for preserves that M.B. gave her as a gift from the female students being trained in making preserves at Berry College. E.R. then tells M.B. that she is sorry about the drought and its impact at Berry College. Lastly, E.R. wishes M.B. a happy New Year (1926).

Elizabeth DeLano donates $150.00 to cover a child's tuition to the school.

Miss Berry writes to Rev. W. E. King to let him know that the principal is mailing Reverend King's friend a catalogue with application blanks but that every position is filled at this time and they cannot make room for any new students.

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