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Since Berry is unable to speak, a prominent man of the community has been chosen.

Berry cannot speak at Henderson's commencement, but offers that Inez Wooten could come instead. Berry is glad that Henderson is doing well and living up to Berry's ideals.

Martha Berry writes May Ziegler of the Department of Education to thank her for extending an invitation to speak at the Georgia Banquet, to be given at the Georgia State Teachers College on February 12th. However, Miss Berry informs her that she cannot attend due to a prior engagement but hopes that she will be able see Miss Ziegler some time in the future.

Letter from George D. Pratt, president of The American Forestry Association. Mr. Pratt is requesting Martha Berry's presence at the annual meeting of The American Forestry Association to discuss "What Forestry Means to the Rural South." In the second letter, he acknowledges Martha Berry's acceptance of the offer.


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