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A log of shrubbery Berry wants to advertise for sale at Mrs. Henry's establishment.

This is a letter to Grady Hamrick from Martha Berry informing him of an incident that happened with a boy, Jas. Will Gooch, taking seeds and shrubs away. Miss Berry enclosed a clipping of this and asked him to have a serious talk with the boys.

Mr. Campbell writes to give Miss Berry an update on his family and congratulate her on the Ford's gift of buildings. He also explains a little about his business and asks if Miss Berry would be interested in purchasing any mountain flowering evergreens and advises her on cost and planting instructions.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Townsend for letting her visit and see her gardens. In return, she sends Mrs. Townsend some information about the Berry Schools and invites her to come and visit.


Martha Berry tells Mrs. McFadden of her plan to update the school's grounds.

Miss Berry writes to send some literature about the Berry Schools. She also explains that the students learn skills like farming, gardening, and home economics. She says that many nurseries have been generous in donating plants. She then asks if they would donate two climbing rose species to Berry.

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