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Expressing there condolences for the gift that has impacted so many lives. Whomever is writing this letter is so thankful to have spent her time through out the summer working hard at the schools. She is so thankful for everything she has received.

Martha Berry writes of her appreciation for Mrs Chambers's gift and for her continued support of Berry. She talks about a new frail girl tha she has brought to Berry

Miss Martha Berry wrote a letter to Mr. Hall for donating clothes to the Berry Schools. She extends her gratitude and hopes he will stop by if he is ever in the area.

De Ette praises Miss Berry on her work and states that gratitude is a gift from the gods.

Mr. Green has been assisting Phi Beta Kappa to raise the Sesquicentennial Fund. The fund will be split two ways: one part of it will go to helping complete the Memorial Building at William and Mary and the other major part will be going to "providing awards designed to stimulate attainments in scholarship and distinction in teaching." Mr green has been award due to his dedication to Phi Beta Kappa.

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