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Mrs. Guild sends Martha Berry a box of shoes in hopes of helping out some young girls at Berry.



Mrs. Roop writes to inform Miss Berry that a box of shoes is being mailed to Rome, Georgia and encloses a copy of a poem written for Mr. Roop after he turned 80.

Maria Rushmore sends two boxes of clothing, hats, and shoes to Ms. Berry and Berry Schools in hopes they will be useful.

Roop asks that Berry provide information about whether a package of shoes, pantaloons and a corset has been received.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. H. Morris, Jr. thanking her for the donation of clothing, shoes and books.

Letter to Miss Berry from Elsie F Maloney, grateful for the Easter greeting and promising a donation of three pairs of ladies shoes.

In this letter Martha Berry is asking Mr. Geo F. Johnson for a donation of shoes.

W.H. Atkins says he has heard of the Berry Schools need for old clothes and wonders if they might also have a use for old shoes.


Martha Berry thanks Miss Chadwick for her package of clothing, shoes and books and lets her know that they will be well used and appreciated.

A letter acknowledging a gift of shoes.

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