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Martha Berry thanks Mr Hoge for his contribution to Berry as well as his service and help through the years.

Berry reports on her European trip, her stay at Carlsbad, and the Edith Macy Memorial Library. She reminisces about happy days with Ladd and expresses confidence that Ladd and her husband will return to good health.

This is a letter from Nellie Fort to Martha Berry telling her that it may be possible for her church to do some work at the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Harrington for his prompt service and writes about arrangements for the Harrington family's upcoming visit to Berry, promising to give them "the best dinner they can" and entertain them.

Letter explains that Martha Berry is away on school business, and discusses her role as founder and administrator in response to Miss Coleman's question about what inspired Berry to teach.


Berry appeals to a "Friend" to donate money to the Berry School so it might keep its doors open during the war and continue to provide a good education for children in need.

Martha Berry appeals to Mrs. Smith to donate money to the school or to create a scholarship so they can continue to educate the "crude and untrained" children of the area.

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