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George will try to visit Berry on his way back to Washington, DC.

Senator George's secretary (whose name appears to be "Sarah...") writes Martha Berry an acknowledgement of an invitation she sent the senator. She says that Martha Berry should hear from him in the next few days.

Berry writes to ask George to stop at Berry en route to Washington, saying they have a pleasant guest cottage where they can make him and Mrs. George comfortable if they visit.

Miss Berry writes to W. F. George to ask him to speak to the students at Berry on his way to or from Savannah in November. She offers to have him for luncheon or overnight at whatever date is convenient for him.

George regrets that he cannot accept the invitation to speak at commencement.

George expresses his concerns about damages to the school from fire.

Miss Berry asks Senator Harris for help with her passport application and tells him the news of the dormitory that burned down.

Alice D. Jones responds for Senator William J. Harris of Georgia to an invitation from Martha Berry for the Senator to attend the Berry Schools' 25th anniversary celebration.

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