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Martha Berry asks the company if they might be willing to donate seeds to help the boys studying agriculture. She enclosed a list of seeds that might be good for the boys to work with. She also says that she hopes they will come up and visit the school.

This is a letter to Grady Hamrick from Martha Berry informing him of an incident that happened with a boy, Jas. Will Gooch, taking seeds and shrubs away. Miss Berry enclosed a clipping of this and asked him to have a serious talk with the boys.

Martha Berry sends her thanks for the wild flower seeds.

Flitcher Crown sends Martha Berry some seeds that the girls at her school had hoped to receive.

Miss Berry tells Mr. Mooney to make sure Mr. Hamrick plants some seeds in the greenhouse to start the nursery stock.

Otto Katzenstein explains to Martha Berry that he is sending seeds to the schools. Also, he shares that he will visit the schools sometime later in the year.

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