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Miss Berry asks Dr. Kelly what he thinks about a young doctor interested in working at the Berry Schools. She also asks him to come visit, and tells him that she thinks the Schools have been growing spiritually because great interest has been shown in the Bible work.

Letter to H. H. Hopkins from Martha Berry concerning a job working the grounds at the Berry Schools. She asks about his family, his fitness for the position, and the salary he desires.

Martha Berry writes H. G. Hamrick, whom she fondly refers to as Grady, to say that she has told a Mr. Swafford that, on the first of January, his salary will begin at $50. She asks Hamrick to ensure that Mr. Swafford has a "steady boy" with him everyday.

Alice Wingo wishes to inquire more about the Berry School, especially about her possible position and salary. She includes a list of acquaintances and former students who Martha Berry could contact as references.

Martha Berry is glad that Wingo will consider coming to teach at Berry. The school can offer her sixty dollars a month for salary with room and board and it would be possible for her mother to come and stay with her.

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