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Miss Berry thanks Mr. Carlson for sending her suggestions on caring for the buildings. She also says that Mr. Hoge will send money the next day. She apologizes for the delay, saying that she has been so focused on what was happening in New York and that all the money has been poured into the endowment fund, leaving little for the running expenses.

Letter to Alma Shriner from Martha Berry informing her that she is sending the Financial Audit for the fiscal year at Berry that she requested. She also informs her that they raised the money needed for the building at the girls school which was $250,000. She also informs her that the only expense needs they have at the moment are running expenses and endowment. She also offers any other information that she may need regarding the schools.

Miss Wilcox sends a little check of $200 for running expenses to Miss Berry along with her best wishes.

Miss Berry thanks Miss Frothingham for her gift, calling her Lady Bountiful and explaining that they will use part of it for the gymnasium and the other part for running expenses. She asks Miss Frothingham to visit and bring her niece with her. She also expresses her wish that Miss Frothingham's niece would pick up her mantle and carry on Miss Frothingham's good work. Miss Berry asks Miss Frothingham if she can spend a night with her when she's in New York because it's been a long time since she's had a heart to heart with her.

Martha Berry thanks Mr Liebold and Mr Ford for their donations and asks Mr Liebold about his plans to come south in February so that she will be at home for his visit.

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