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Berry instructs Hamrick not to let boys who have not had measles drive or run errands between the schools. She asks him to speak with a boy about his reckless driving, have all of the trucks cleaned and serviced, and to spend time improving conditions around the new resevoirs.

Among these documents are reciepts for the varrious items need to build a reservoir and a recitation hall. One of these is a letter from The Berry Schools to the office of Mr. Henry Ford asking for a check to cover the expense.

Lists of expenses for three different projects at Berry: a 10 inch pipe line, the Redmond Gap Reservoir, and the filter plant.

B. M. Hall writes to acknowledge Berry's check for the field work required to design the watershed and reservoir for Berry's water supply, and to discuss the design process. Hall writes that they are working up the plans and will get it to Miss Berry as soon as possible.

Martha Berry writes to Grady Hamrick with specific instructions on what part of the plumbing is his responsibility, along with what needs to be chlorinated.

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