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Berry is expecting guests and wants Hamrick to spend time cleaning up the school grounds.

Mr. Liebold is writing to acknowledge the receipt of a check from Mr. Henry Ford's office. The money will be used towards the water supply and the Girls School recitation hall.

Among these documents are reciepts for the varrious items need to build a reservoir and a recitation hall. One of these is a letter from The Berry Schools to the office of Mr. Henry Ford asking for a check to cover the expense.

A letter from the secretary of Henry Ford about a big donation to go towards the new recitation hall.

Martha writes to Walter asking to have ashes removed from the Recitation hall and have dead branches removed around the Chapel as they are expecting guests.

Martha Berry asks Mrs. Inman about what the Kiwanians are doing for the Mothers Building since they have so much publicity. She also explains the impact the building will have on the girls and how much they need it. She asks Mrs. Inman to visit the Schools when she comes to see the boys at Darlington.

Mr. Liebold acknowledges the letter Martha Berry wrote to the office of Henry Ford about the plans for the recitation hall and heating plant. Zahnow says that Martha has their attention.

This comes from the office of Henry Ford.

Martha writes to Mr. Liebold thanking him for the promptness in sending the shovels that they will plan to use at once. She also asks about the plans for the Recitation Hall.

Letter provides instruction for planting some trees next to the Recitation Hall at the Girls' School.

In this brief letter to Miss Berry from H. J. Carlson of Coolidge and Carlson Architects concerning the sketch for the Recitation Building that would be shown to Henry Ford. Carlson briefly talks about waterproofing in which he has written to a Mr. Skinner.

In this letter to Mr. H.J. Carlson, Martha Berry inquires about a blueprint for the new Recitation Hall provided by Mrs. Ford.

Mr. Carlson writes to Miss Berry saying that he cannot make excavation plans for the Recitation Building because he hasn't gotten the date yet. He says he will be at Berry on May 10th and will make plans after their meeting. He also says that he sees no harm in running an article about the dorm fire in Boston papers and asks her to send one or two photographs for the article.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Carlson for sending the plans for the recitation hall. She says that they are getting some results from the occasional names he sends to her. She also mentions that Dr. Gehring told her that Mr. Bingham is not well enough to take up any business.

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