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A.G. Zimmermann, architect, donates $50 to the school to help rebuild a dormitory that was destroyed in a fire.

Martha Berry writes Catherine B. Pendleton to express her thanks for the $1000 received from the Detroit Trust Company per her instructions. She goes on to talk about a dormitory destroyed by fire and not fully covered by insurance. She expresses a great need for a new dormitory due to the crowded conditions at the Foundation School. These conditions, she claims, will force her to turn away accepted students in September if the new building is not yet complete and ready to house them.

Mrs. DuBois sends $25 to help with rebuilding after the fire, saying that this is just a stumbling block that Miss Berry will make into a stepping stone to higher things.

Martha Berry writes to A. B. Dick to inform him of the receipt of his generous gift of $100 and to "hasten to send my heartfelt thanks." She reflects on the great need plaguing the Schools and her summer spent trying to raise funds to rebuild the dormitory destroyed by fire. With no major contributions to this fund, she still hopes to have a roof on the incomplete building before cold weather sets in.

Miss Berry is touching up on her friend for monetary assistance in rebuilding a boys' dormitory that has burned down. She wishes to have the place rebuilt (and made fire-proof) by September 1st.

Martha Berry informs the recipients that the school has just lost its main dormitory to a fire. She asks for help in rebuilding the dormitory and making it fire-proof.

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