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Ethel Noadall sends a letter to Miss Berry, explaining how she has been thinking of some way to help her and the school for sometime. So instead of sending another delegate to Blue Ridge, she decided to give $65.00 toward rebuilding the dormitory at the Foundation School.

Alice E. Richardson writes that she is sending $2 for the rebuilding of the building lost by fire. She adds that she wishes she could send more, and hopes that the "required sum for rebuilding" will be collected.

The letter is attached to a $15 check to go towards rebuilding the building that was lost.

Letter to Mrs. Henry Marquand from Martha Berry thanking her for interesting her friends in The Berry Schools. She informs Mrs. Marquand that she will use Mrs. Meyer's gift to rebuild the dormitory. She also informs Mrs. Marquand that she will be with Mrs. Hammond at Mt. Kisco and then go from there to Chautauqua. Miss Berry also says that she hopes to see Mrs. Marquand when she is in New York.

Letter provides two gifts from chapters of the D.A.R.; both gifts have instructions for its use.

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