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Mrs. Groesbeck tells Martha Berry how great her work is and she talks a bit about the weather.

Martha writes to thank them for their gift to the Berry schools. She explains that she hopes there will be an Endowment Fund one day and that the schools have grown extremely fast. She also mentions that the school is expecting a great loss even if it rains in the near future.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Henry Ford because she is anxious to have Mr. Cameron, who she frequently listens to on the radio, come and speak to the students in chapel--hopefully in October.
She goes on to speak of the summer's lingering heat and a recent rainstorm--the first in weeks--that has made her feel that "God has Washed His World." She also wishes to inform Mrs. Ford that her "colored mammy," Martha Freeman, is feeling much better and enjoys listening to all the Ford Programs on her radio.
Overall Martha Berry hopes that Mrs. Ford and her husband will stop to visit on their way down to Savannah, Georgia.

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