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Houston Harper apologizes for not getting to see her on her last trip to Washington, D.C. and also commends her on her recent radio broadcast.



Dorothy Eustis says that it was kind of Martha Berry to write and that she is enclosing a check for $150.

Beyond thanking Miss Berry for her hospitality and gifts, the author lets her know of a man who might be interested in giving a talk at the college, as well as the means and times when she might be able to hear a radio broadcast concerning the BBC. The author also tells of his parents' having once visited the campus years before.

Berry accepts Holt's offer to donate a Victrola to the school.

Martha writes to Miss Holt to thank her for the radio, which will be very helpful in the music department.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Judd for her presents and her interest in the schools. Mrs. Judd has sent patterns, materials and needles for making hooked rugs.

The letter thanks Mrs. Judd for a radio she provided to Martha Berry and also invites Mrs. Judd to visit the school.


Harriet C. Hyde writes on behalf of Miss Constance Holt, who is ill with bronchitis. Berry had misunderstood Holt's offer of a Victrola to be the offer of a radio. Hyde writes to clarify the matter and see if Berry would like to have the Victrola.



Telegram to Martha Berry from Emily Vanderbilt Hammond informing Martha Berry that the newspaper articles and report of the school have been received and that Mrs. Ogden Reid will try to have a story printed in the Herald Tribune. Hammond asks Berry to confirm a date for her radio broadcast. She cautions that funds are hard to raise and suggests that Berry try to cut expenses.

Berry feels that her health is improved after a rest cure at Carlsbad, and very much wants to speak at St. Bartholomew. She will be glad to give a radio speech at any time convenient to Hammond. Inez has been ill and away from work for three months, so Berry will need to find a girl who can accompany her to New York. She hopes that Kate Macy Ladd will donate an industrial building in memory of V. Everit Macy.

Berry asks that Barbour teach some of her best students to sing one or two popular ballads. Teaching the girls under her will not interfere with the group being trained at the Girls School

Martha writes to express her appreciation for the library and to update her on life at the Berry Schools. She speaks of living in a small log cabin on campus and loving watching the girls come and go. She also speaks of maybe installing a radio into Lemley.

Martha writes to the Sears Roebuck Broadcasting Department glad for their willingness to have the schools broadcast, and as if it would be possible to be after September 12th when the school is not on vacation.


The Berry Schools write to Miss Walker thanking her for the radio that they received. They say that since the Possum Trot school is closed, the radio would be a better fit with the boys at the Foundation School and that they will install it where best on the campus.

Mrs. Allen sends $100 to be added to the scholarship in memory of her mother, Mrs. Mary Mandana Bennie Wright. She also explains how most of her time and money are going towards the campaign for a new music studio and towards the building of a local Christ Hospital. Moreover, Mrs. Allen regretfully tells Miss Berry that the fruit preserves she sent for the past two Christmases have broken before their arrival.

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