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Berry refuses McDowell's request for domestic employment at the schools in order to learn about and apply the schools educational practices with African American students. Berry describes the philosophy of work well done and tells McDowell that close observation would reveal nothing else.

McDowell seeks domestic employment at Berry as a way to observe and learn about the schools's educational practices, having read about the school in various publications. She wishes to be able to introduce Berry's practices in schools for African American students.

Loomis expresses interest in contributing to the schools, writing to Berry that although locally he gives without regard to race, creed, or color, he is particularly interested in his substantial gifts benefiting "100% American Protestant boys and girls." He would wish to give at least $5,000 and place a bronze table commemorating his family.

Miss Goodwin asks for if Miss Berry ever sends girls out for domestic service, as she needs one to do some work around the house.

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