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Someone from The Berry Schools enquires as to what the additional material should be used for. A letter is then sent to Miss Hopkins, as she has not yet answered the first. Emma Hopkins sends a reply to say that she did, in fact, send a response, but her letter must have gotten lost in transit.

A receipt is set to Miss Hopkins from The Berry Schools.

Mrs. Douglas tells Martha Berry she already has a lot of quilting to do.

Martha Berry hopes Miss Douglas will do some quilting for her.

Martha Berry invites Mrs. Douglas to stay with her and lets her know she has plenty of quilting for her.


Mrs. Douglas fills Martha Berry in on her situation.


Berry writes to Bonner to inform her of when she'll be home as well as to give instructions about quilts and Mrs. Ball.


Sarah J. Worth is asking Miss Berry if the clothing she sent for the quilt blankets had arrived. Sarah J. Worth also says that if they had not arrived she would check back with the post office.

Martha Berry thanks Emily Vanderbilt Hammond for the recent visit of the Pilgrims to campus, describing the inspiration she and the students took from the visitors. Berry wishes Hammond could have accompanied her on a visit to the "homes on the mountainside" and writes of planning her own pilgrimage there. Berry describes a visit to the little cabin -- "the home of all my dreams and loving prayers for the Berry Schools."

The Berry schools write to Mrs. Hammond to inform her that they are sending the quilts and pillow shams that she ordered from the Berry School.

Martha Berry requests that Mrs. Shulenberger send her the pattern for the old coverlet, as well as any other patterns she can find, for use in the weaving room.

Mrs. William Starr Myers has ordered a Dogwood Quilt from the Berry Schools to be used as a baby blanket. The school will begin making it as soon as they receive samples of the colors she wishes to be in the quilt.

The Berry Schools send Mrs. Lyon a spread in a French Knot design and an appliqu├ęd quilt. They also send a sketch of a new design.

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