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A request for a signature from Miss Martha Berry from William L. Stidger for the reprint of a nonsectarian religious magazine and the story for her work which would be published in it. Handwritten note details that the proof was oked and returned.

The Berry School writes to Mr. Bacon returning the compilation of Shakespeare as the school is not interested in publications of this kind, nor do they have the facilities for publications. They trust that he may be able to find a publisher and thank him for writing the school.

Holder sends a copy of her publication Intimate Glimpses of Women of Achievement, which includes an article about Martha Berry.

A letter accompanying the return of photographs used in an article on the Berry Schools in the September issue of American Motorist.

In this letter Roy B. Stewart of the Ruralist Press acknowledges that he has received Miss Bonner's letter that deals with the box of cuts that has not been delivered to Berry College yet. Roy B. Stewart says that American Railway is responsible, and that he will send another box if they have lost it.

Goldman explains that he turned over the photographs Berry gave him to the Shrine Magazine and provides instructions for sending them a photograph of her father. Goldman has been out of touch and does not know if his agents have yet arranged for the publication of "The Sunday Lady."

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