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Thomas Nadal, president of Drury College, promises to send Martha Berry a list of names of people in St. Louis.

Martha Berry asks Katharine Lee Grable to write to her in confidence about Monica Henderson and asks when Grable will be able to visit Berry.

Grable provides a list of individuals to whom school literature should be sent.

The author is unclear, since one item refers to Martha Berry in third person and several items refer to "we". A catalog of dinners and meetings during a trip to New York, acknowledgement letters needed, prospective donors, and excerpts from speeches made at a "Negro Schools Program" held at Carnegie Hall.

Grabel suggests that Hammond not wait until the spring to interest Mrs. Marshall Field in Berry and describes examples of projects Mrs. Field has taken a past interest in. A note, possibly from Hammond to Martha Berry, suggests writing Mrs. Field and asking to visit.

Berry thanks Grable for her recent gift, which supports the "glory and beauty of young manhood and womanhood." The prospective donor Grable recommended, Ellen Scripps, has been sent literature but has never contributed, so Berry asks Grable to provide encouragement.

Grable provides an address for a prospective donor, Mrs. Rex B. Clark, and reports that Mrs. Marshall Field expressed an interest in being a Pilgrim in 1929.

Grable requests weaving samples for a client and forwards a letter from a friend who is interested in the schools. She reports on conversations with Mrs. Newcomb and Miss Ruth Draper, who has accepted an invitation to the dinner. Mrs. Marshall Field has also accepted.

Miss Berry thanks Dr. Clayton for letting her know about someone who might be willing to help Berry and for his help in the "Durbrow matter".

Clayton suggests Berry send literature to Mrs. Albert T. Johnston, who expressed a desire to give away old clothes. He speaks of a bequest from Mrs. Mary Durbrow, referring to getting it as a "long fight".

Letter to Mr. Savage Clay from Martha Berry asking him for monetary help for the schools and suggesting that he facilitate a connection with Mr. and Mrs. Harkness.

This unsigned letter accompanied a list of potential donors to Berry from the Boston area.

Harry J. Carlson sends lists of potential donors.

Inez reports on plans for an exhibit, attending a Kiwanis Club meeting, and mining for the names of wealthy residents of Thomasville. She hopes that someone will go to Sunday School at Possum Trot; she feels that if she can get better acquainted witht the people she can get stories from them that will help the school.

Alston writes in response to a letter from George Foster Peabody, supplying names and addresses of several prospective donors. He also encourages Berry to resubmit her application for the Pictorial Review award.

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