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Martha Berry thanks Marion Dame for her gift that will be used to buy additional farm land which will be worked by Berry boys to provide food at Berry for many years.

Hamrick has succeeded in moving Marvin Horn from the house on "the old Youngblood place" and the house is ready for use.

Martha Berry responds to S. Mims Harrison's letter that, at the current time, they are not interested in acquiring his property, but might be interested at a later time.

A letter stating that some property Berry was interested in acquiring near the quarry was still not for sale by the current owners.

Shigley regarding a narrow strip of land between Martha Berry's property and the new highway, suggesting that Martha may want to purchase it to get her property up to the highway.

Berry requests that Mr. Perkins give the keys to the property in Mentone to Joe Clark so he could see to it. She also says see will sens him the $35 she owes him in a few days.

Scottsboro, Alabama Tax Collector Leola Matthews sends Martha Berry a notice of state and county taxes for 1929 on land purchased from M.H. Ladd.

Land receipt describing some property purchased by Martha Berry, including land fronting on Lake Street and King Street.

Letter advises Martha Berry that a tractor with metal cleats is damaging the surface of State Highway 1 which goes through her property. Letter presumes that the tractor is her property and asks her to stop running it across the highway.

Mrs. Hayes, formerly Maude Beard, inquires about Martha Berry's interest in purchasing 30 acres of land near Mountain Springs Church.

Hale Realty Co. sends the Noble Street property rent statement to Martha Berry.

Leopold A. Cook informs the Berry Schools of a piece of property he interested in that is for sale in Freehold, New Jersey. He hopes there is a student at the Berry Schools who could help him with the property and in return be gifted one half of the property as well as the net profits. He also suggests the possibility of buying a farm closer to Berry so they could watch over the student better.

Martha Berry's brother Tom Berry encloses tax notices for property in DeKalb County, Alabama from their mother's (Mrs. Thomas Berry's) estate.


Pangle asks if Martha Berry is interested in purchasing what is known as "The Mitchell Farm," 196 acres in the Pocket. The land is adjoining to property Berry owns.


Mr. Milam offers Miss Burkert a house he has for sale close to the main businness section of Rome.


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