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Martha Berry responds to S. Mims Harrison's letter, offering her mother's house near the Berry property. Martha Berry states that, at the current time, they are not interested in aquiring the house, but might be interested at a later time.

Tax Collector Leola Matthews sends Martha Berry a letter containing the amount she owes in state and county taxes for 1929 on land purchased from M.H. Ladd.

This letter is to Martha Berry referring to a possible property near her mountain school that she may like to buy. It tells her about the property and also asks her to contact her if she is interested in it.

Mr. Milam offers Miss Burkert a house he has for sale close to the main businness section of Rome.


Emma A. Cyrus writes to Miss Berry, apologizing that she cannot send money in answer to the appeal in the Southern Highlander because her income is diminished and she has two retired schoolteachers depending on her.

Berry reminds Blake of his promise to buy back from her the Lookout Mountain property she purchased from him.

Martha Berry's letter to a tax collector with payment of personal property tax includes a reply from tax assessor with instructions for future payments. The document also includes a receipt of Martha Berry's payment.


In this letter Martha Berry inquires about the deed to a property she was attempting to buy.

Martha Berry asks Mr. Montgomery for a cash price on some property he has for sale.


Martha Berry asks for her mother's house in Mentone, Alabama to be appraised

Berry asks Jones to appraise her mother's Mentone, Alabama property.

Berry thanks Kalbfleisch for is monetary contribution and writes that she hopes to meet with him when she is in New York to learn more about the Florida pecan grove he gave to the schools. She refers to her sadness at the death of her mother.

Understanding that Berry may be interested in purchasing a lot at Glynn Island, Hopkins describes an available beach-front property.

West notifies Berry that he has traded the Wright tract to other parties.

Mr. West offers to sell a piece of land in front of the Berry Schools to Miss Berry for $7,000.

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