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A letter from Martha Berry asking whether the package of literature on Berry for distribution made it to New York in good condition. She also asks for copies of a picture she took at the New York World's Fair with Mrs. Hammond, and promises to pay for the prints. She also asks that a picture be taken of the Berry cow at the exhibit be taken at milking time and sent to her. She offers to pay for this as well.

Mr. Hall tells Martha Berry that he has heard wonderful things about the speech she gave when she received a medal. He says that he has enclosed a picture of Martha Berry with ex-President Herbert Hoover, which he has also sent to Mrs. John Henry Hammond.

Berry provides the photograph she requested for the Winthrop College yearbook.

In this letter Martha Berry tells Mr. Naegle that she left the pictures with McCrary and Co. in Atlanta. She also tells him that he should come visit Sunday the 26th and to bring Mrs. Naegle and any other friends who are interested.

Photo of Henry Ford dancing with Berry student.


Photograph of Oak Hill, Rome, Georgia.


Letter to R. W. Madry, from the new bureau of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, from Martha Berry informing him that she sent him a picture of herself as he requested as well as a booklet "The Story of the Berry Schools"

The Berry Schools return Miss Carter's letter and photograph because the child in whom she is interested is not elegible and the schools are full until the fall of 1931.


This copy of a letter states that they are sure that pictures of the Berry Schools have been published in the Gerogia press so the cannot see why pictures shouldn't be published and do not understand the policy of the Schools.

Mr. Sisson requests a glossy print picture of Miss Berry for publicity purposes.

Miss Berry sends Mr. Sisson the glossy print photograph he requested.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Tobben for the colored views of Washington.

The Berry Schools write to Mr. Robison to inform him that they will enclose photographs and literature for his piece but ask that he submits a manuscript for approval before publishing it.

Principal Green writes to inform Mr. Robison that it is impossible to comply with his request for photographs because Miss Berry is out of town.

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