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Berry encloses a small check for Catherine to use in camp, in appreciation for all Armes has done for Berry. She reports that Marian Berry is to be married to Prince Sigismondo Chigi and that while she was not invited to the wedding it was suggested that she send a $10,000 gift. She invites Armes to visit, as there is splendid material for an article for Personality and asks that she send a copy of her contribution to the Pictorial Review.

Armes writes to plan an extended visit to Berry to gather information for articles about the school. Since her expenses will not be paid, she suggests enrolling her daughter Catherine in the school as a regular student and paying her tuition. She writes of their mutual friend Miss Neal, who has been ill.

Dudley W. Smith writes to Martha Berry to donate $50 and thank her for the "charming little story" she sent him. He compliments her personality and wishes her well.

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