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This is a ledger depicting how many bushels of peaches were sold in 1938.


Lena K. Snyder writes to thank Martha Berry for a happy visit at Berry and ask her to thank the girls that gave her flowers.

Letter discusses planned trips that summer for Inez and Martha Berry. Letter mentions Rachel's wedding pictures.

A letter from George Foster Peabody to Martha Berry in regards to the Pictorial Review. He offers some advice to Martha Berry and asks for copies of the 1926 and 1927 reports of Mount Berry.

Miss Berry tells Miss Whitfield about the meeting Mrs. Morris is planning at Bar Harbor and tells her that if Miss Berry's mother is well enough she will attend the meeting. She says that it is beastly hot at Berry and that they are only $20,000 away from being able to complete the new dormitory.

Iva L. Cotton thanks Martha Berry for the Georgia peaches and explains that they are much better than New York State peaches. Ms. Cotton also wishes to thank her on behalf of herself and Marie S. Leahy for their previous visit to the Berry Schools, as well as to inform her of their plans to visit again in the near future.


Martha writes to Mrs. Ford to thank her for the peaches and the squash seed. She also writes to tell her about the visitors in the Ford Dining Room, and how disappointed that she and Mr. Ford did not stop by in the spring.

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