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The Berry Schools write to Miss Earnshaw about her inquiry for paint samples and not that since it is done by student labor it is preferred that the samples be made plain as no stippled work has been done before.

This is a brief letter from Margaret Earnshaw to Miss Martha Berry. Margaret Earnshaw wrote the letter to inform Miss Berry that their painter wants to know if she wants the paint samples for Emily Cottage plain or stippled.

Letter to Margaret Earnshaw of Elsie Cobb Inc. from Martha Berry asking her to send the correct paint colors as well as the bill for the paint as soon as possible. She also thanks her for picking out the paint colors.

In this letter Margaret Earshaw tells Martha Berry that the paint samples that she sent are very bad, except for the sky blue which is not great.

Margaret Earnshaw informs Miss Berry that she would be happy to have paint samples made but they will cost $5 apiece. She also tell Miss Berry that the samples are very helpful unless the painter can get the right color from a piece of cloth.

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