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Mr. Ryder writes to say he will tune the chapel organ on Monday and asks that it be kept warm.



Berry asks Holt to consider donating a new communion set and collection plates for the newly enlarged Chapel.

Martha writes that they would loved to have the organ, however at the price they have been quoted they could not afford it.


Martha Berry writes about fundraising for the chapel organ and asks Harry J. Carlson to reduce his commission to help.

Harry J. Carlson writes about the need to upgrade the organ in the chapel, providing Martha Berry with advice about how to proceed.

Harry J. Carlson suggests not writing to Mr. Carlson until after she receives his letter.

B.G. Austin, Vice President of the Austin Organ Company, sends information and price quotes for organs to Alice B. Warden. Austin states that he is glad Warden is from the New England Conservatory of Music, as she will be familiar with the company's organs, and continues that their Atlanta representative will be glad to visit or provide additional information.

In this letter Martha Berry welcomes Mr. Staples up to Berry as soon as he can to give an estimate on the cost of an organ.


In this letter Alice B. Warden is forwarding letters to Martha Berry from The Austin Organ Company in regards to a new organ for the chapel.

Roy writes to Alice that the letter that was written to the Organ factory was referred to him and that he would be glad to come to Mt. Berry to look at the situation and advise on the situation.

Warden asks Berry to require Warden's permission before a piano can be moved and requests permission to lock the organ. Warden expresses appreciation for the new piano at the Girls School. A note on Warden's letter indicates that a portion of it was sent to the piano donor.

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