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Martha writes to Mrs. White to thank her for calling on her niece and taking flower to her, and how glad she was to see her again.



Martha writes to Mrs. Smiley that she wishes that she could go to Mohonk but does not wish to leave until her sister is better.

On August 7, 1928, Martha Berry writes to Mr. Ladd concerning two automobile accidents occurring in her family. She had traveled to Miami after her niece's accident. When there, she received word of her sister, Mrs. Wright's, accident in Rome, and she returned home.
Mrs. Wright was seriously injured with six ribs, both collar bones broken, lungs and back injured. Martha Berry wished that she could have had the same splendid care as Mr. Ladd had, but that she was better. After two weeks, though, she could not yet be moved.
Mrs. Ladd is thought of often in her retreat-by-the sea, and a visit there would have done Martha Berry good.
As Mrs. Ladd's family had suffered so many accidents, Martha Berry felt comfortable relaying her own series of misfortunes.


Martha Berry informs Mr. Crane that she cannot make any plans because her sister was critically injured in an automobile accident. She says that she hopes to be in New York later to visit.


Martha Berry writes about visiting Mr. Campbell in Battle Creek. She writes about Bess's health and how Dr. Harbin does not know when she'll be able to go home. She also talks about Frances' broken collar bone, and about Mildred and the children.


Miss Berry thanks Miss Frothingham for her gift, calling her Lady Bountiful and explaining that they will use part of it for the gymnasium and the other part for running expenses. She asks Miss Frothingham to visit and bring her niece with her. She also expresses her wish that Miss Frothingham's niece would pick up her mantle and carry on Miss Frothingham's good work. Miss Berry asks Miss Frothingham if she can spend a night with her when she's in New York because it's been a long time since she's had a heart to heart with her.

Miss Berry thanks Mr. Barron for helping find her niece in Miami.

Eleanor hopes that Auntie is feeling better and writes about a fox hunt and a portrait artist in New York.


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