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Martha Berry asks Mr. McKoy to arrange to have the pictures of Berry's new buildings which were published in The Atlanta Constitution sent to her along with a reprint of the editorial, unless the type has already been knocked down.

McKoy thanks Berry for the opportunity to write the biggest story of his career. The Constitution did not use his story as written, but combined with the the story written by the Associated Press reporter, Mr. Myer. McKoy enlcoses cabon copies of his story as submitted, giving Berry permission to use it however she wishes to.

Charles Adamson writes Miss Berry about some articles he wrote for the Rome and Atlanta papers that he hoped would catch the eye of Henry Ford and lead to starting an endowment fund. He also explains how Bayler University worked with insurance companies to establish an endowment through having their life insurance premiums connected to the university.

Martha Berry writes to Charles Adamson urging him to write a letter to the newspaper clearing up the Berry Schools' financial situation. She thinks the publicity about the Ford Buildings had convinced people that the school no longer needed funding.

The Berry Schools request a copy of a photograph of Martha Berry, Emily Vanderbilt Hammond, and Corinne Roosevelt Robinson that was published in the New York City Journal in December.

Marbury sends thanks for the box of cotton and encloses a $50 gift. She offers to donate multiple subscriptions to the Christian Science Monitor to the schools.

Mr. Fletcher asks Miss Berry to send a 1000 word document emphasizing the spiritual or philanthropic side of the schools, as well as some photographs, for an article in the Boston Evening Transcript.

Although Miss Berry is away, an article and photographs are enclosed for Fletcher's use in the Boston Transcript.

Ochs agrees to Berry's proposal of a story about the school in The Chattanooga Times, but regrets that he will not be able to visit Rome.

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