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Mr. Carlson tells the Industrial Index that there are no photos of the new dormitory available for publication and that The Berry Schools do not allow illustrations to be published.

Mary Nevius writes to Martha Berry thanking her for the gift of cotton balls she received from the Berry Schools during the holiday season. She briefly talks about her fascination with cotton balls, her intention to send clothing to the Schools, her hopes that the new dormitory has been completed, and her dismay at having been snowed into her house for the last few days.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Bacon for his $50 gift and for his letter of encouragement. She notes that work on the new dormitory is in progress, but that there are not enough funds to complete it. The boys are in the barracks, but the barracks are unsuitable for the winter.

Miss Berry tells Miss Whitfield about the meeting Mrs. Morris is planning at Bar Harbor and tells her that if Miss Berry's mother is well enough she will attend the meeting. She says that it is beastly hot at Berry and that they are only $20,000 away from being able to complete the new dormitory.

Mrs. Stevens sends $100 for building the new dormitory for boys.

Mrs. Robinson writes to Martha with a donation to be used as Martha thinks best. Mrs. Robinson also hopes that Martha gets the new dorm and other buildings that are needed so much.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Sloane for his impending check that will allow Berry to begin work on the new dormitory.

A letter from Henry I Hoane about the new girls dormitory.

In this thank you letter, Miss Berry expresses her gratitude for Mrs. P L LeBrun's $500 donation. She explains the dire need for a new dormitory and describes the work the boys are performing, including the construction they will begin on the new building Mrs. LeBrun helped fund.

Sarah Antaya, of Beaumont, Smith & Harris Counselors at Law, sends Miss Berry $250 on behalf of Mrs. William R. Kales towards the new dormitory.

Martha Berry writes to A. B. Dick to inform him of the receipt of his generous gift of $100 and to "hasten to send my heartfelt thanks." She reflects on the great need plaguing the Schools and her summer spent trying to raise funds to rebuild the dormitory destroyed by fire. With no major contributions to this fund, she still hopes to have a roof on the incomplete building before cold weather sets in.

In this letter Mr. Everett donates ten dollars to Berry after reading " Will you Go Berry-ing" by Emily Vanderbilt Hammond. He also says that if every alumi that has done well donates ten dollars the new domritory would be assured.

Martha Berry writes to the teachers and boys of The Foundation School thanking them for their gifts and donations toward the new dormitory.

Edw. W. Barrow writes Martha Berry to offer a donation of $5 toward the new boys' house. He also expresses his pleasure at how the school and the crops are growing.

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