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A letter to Martha Berry from Footer's Cleaners and Dyers, stating how they had seen her schools on a news feature that played before a movie. They then offer a discount on both dry cleaning and dying of curtains.


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Mrs. Haggerty tells Martha Berry that she is sending over 200 Christmas cards and asks if they will be of use to the school. She also says that she enjoyed the movie of Martha Berry and wishes that more D. A. R. members could see it.

Miss Berry writes to tell Mr. Ellis that while she is interested in making a talking picture of Berry, they do not have the funds to afford it.

Emily Hammond's 1926 letter includes a cheque (check) from Mrs.(?) Cushing to Berry and indicates they will appreciate receiving Miss Berry's "lovely letters." Hammond then thanks Miss Berry for the Kodak pictures and the Alumni Magazine, and she also suggests Miss Berry bring or ship the movie from "the meeting" a few days ahead of her arrival.


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